Bitlock replaces your bike key with your smartphone (Kickstarter)


Bitlock replaces your bike key with your smartphone. It’s a U-shape lock with an electric switching mechanism that’s bluetooth-controlled by your smartphone. No more fumbling with your keys at the bike rack to unlock your bike.  In fact, there’s no hassle at all — Bitlock uses proximity to disarm the lock and has a simple button you press to unlatch.

While it has some interesting social features (letting you set groups and share your bike’s location) since the device itself doesn’t have GPS or transmit beyond bluetooth, Bitlock isn’t going to help you beyond the immediately physical security of the lock.  The connectivity of Bitlock extends convenience to its users, but doesn’t enhance the security. Contrast this with other connected hardware devices that leapfrog their old-world equivalent products by tapping the social graph and create value well beyond the value of their hardware components.

Cycling is one area where we’ve seen a recent uptick in connected hardware innovation lately, but no blockbusters yet.  Bitlock looks like a solid offering that hits a mainstream need within biking and could do quite well.

Monkey Light Pro – a LED-based wheel light micro-controller  for displaying animations (raised $220K)

Helios Bars – “smart bike” handlebars with integrated headlight and turn-signals (raised $120K)

RIDEYE: The Black Box Camera For Your Bike (raised $83K)

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