Brace yourself, here come the hardware startups

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Paul Graham’s tweet above is an interesting signal.

Brace yourself, here come the hardware startups.

It makes sense, too:
1) The cost of design and manufacturing of hardware devices is falling fast.
2) Demand is on the rise (now that everyone, everywhere is used to having the internet all the time, it feels “trapped” behind the screen of your phone, tablet or PC).
3) After 15+ years of hacking the virtual world, an entire generation of developers has become curious and hungry to hack the physical world.

You know about Fitbit, Nike FuelBand and Jawbone UP, but were you aware that at CES a couple of weeks ago, there were at least 10 different fitness tracker companies making announcements? Have you heard about Fitbug Orb, Tinke, Basis, Misfit, iBitz, Body Media and Amiigo?

Fitness tracking is getting crowded, but the trend shows there is appetite for small, limited-purpose, connected devices that provide something that’s not readily or conveniently available as a smartphone app.

But makers beware! Also at CES: at least 8 different Roomba clones.

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