Browser-Based 3D Scanning to Unleash the Potential of 3D Printing?


Yesterday we mentioned the importance of 3D scanning technology’s role in unlocking the creativity within the 3D printing industry and told you about Fuel3D, a handheld 3D scanner project that had just launched on Kickstarter and which promises to delivery very high quality 3D models of the real-world objects around you for just $1000.  That project is now 120% funded with $90,729 raised.

Today, and even simpler and more affordable solution, The 3D Scan-to-Print Web App, launched on Kickstarter with a service that uses inexpensive depth sensors (the same kind used by Xbox Kinect) to stream data to a cloud-based service that quickly produces 3D textured models suitable for 3D printing.

That’s the promise of 3D scanning: the ability to scan an object just like you would scan a document. If we could do that, we could unlock the full creative potential of the objects around us.

It works as a combination of inexpensive sensor hardware and sophisticated cloud-based software.  Log in to their web service, plug in a $300 depth sensor via USB, walk around the object you want to scan, wait for processing and then click “print” to get a clone either via an online printing service or on your own 3D printer.

Check it out on Kickstarter


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