Build your own “Nest thermostat” using Arduino? Heck yeah!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 10.21.34 PM

Spotted on a Reddit tonight, an Arduino-controlled thermostat. The creator, David Adams, writes:

I took a DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor and ethernet shield, and a servo and hooked it up to my analog apartment thermostat. I can set a target temperature and tell the arduino what mode the thermostat is in(Warm or Cool). It will then push the lever all the way to the correct side based on the current temp, target temp, and the mode. Basically telling the AC to turn off/on. So if the mode is set to Warm and it’s currently 73 in my apt and i set the target to 75, it will push the lever all the way to heat. Once it reaches 75 it will push it all the way to cold, turning the AC off. Vice versa for Cool mode.

Okay, so this definitely lacks a few features that the Nest has, but in a hacker kind of way, this is cooler. Now that the basics are working, it can’t be too hard to get the machine-learning, iPhone app and other aspects going over time, right? ;)

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