Codlo, a simple smart sous vide solution


Codlo launched on Kickstarter earlier today, and aims to make sous vide simple and cheap. It’s basically a thermostat, with a design a little reminiscent of the Nest, that connects to your slow cooker or rice cooker. Simple controls set time and temperature. You plug the cooker into Codlo, put a probe in the water and you’re done.

With sous vide, precise temperature control is very important, and a simplistic approach of turning a heater on and off to maintain temperature doesn’t cut it. Codlo has filed for a patent for what they call their Fluid Algorithm, meant to accurately target the right temperature without the need to configure for the particular food being cooked.

We’re big fans of Nomiku, another Kickstarter sous vide project that was funded last year and should be shipping next month. Nomiku is an all-in-one solution, where Codlo requires a rice cooker or slow cooker. Without the need for a heating element, and with electronics as cheap as they are, Codlo is selling for half the price of a Nomiku.

If you love to cook, it definitely looks worth checking out.

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  1. sprague says:

    The math in sous vide is the trick. The world’s expert, Douglas Baldwin, explains it in gory detail here: