Coin: One Card to Rule Them All


Minimalist wallets and keychains have been one of the big categories on crowdfunding sites for a while — and for good reason: as more things get replaced by smart phone apps, there’s fewer reasons to carry things around.  However most people still have a deck of credit and debit cards.  Now, an emerging hardware startup has launched with a product that aims to replace all of those with one card-shaped device that works together with your smartphone to emulate all of your cards at once:  Coin.

Filed under “why didn’t I think of that”, Coin is a hardware device that emulates the magnetic strip of any registered card. To register a card, you just fire up the Coin app, plug in a small device that looks like a Square reader and swipe your existing card.

It’s interesting to note that Coin has gone the route of a self-starter crowdfunding campaign instead of Kickstarter — it’s something we’re seeing more and more of, especially from more sophisticated and well-funded teams. Recent examples include Canary and Play-i, and one can only guess it’s because running your own campaign means better analytics, ability to pre-sell wholesale packs and fewer other restrictions.  More on this topic later.  In the meantime, check out Coin

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