Doubters Be Damned: The $200 MakiBox Has Started Shipping


Makible started their company with the ambition of becoming a crowdfunding site, but pivoted to making 3D printers when their vision of creating the world’s most affordable 3D printer — the $200 MakiBox — took off with interest.

The excitement felt by some was equally (or more) matched by doubters and online trolls saying that such a thing at such a price point would be impossible.

When we visited Makible’s lab in Hong Kong last April, we saw working pre-production prototypes of MakiBox and we heard nothing but confidence and passion from the company’s founder, Jon Buford.

And today marks the most significant milestone and proof-point yet as the company is now officially shipping product to their 5000-long backlog of customers around the world. The first five units have been shipped and, for now, they’ve proven that the vision was possible.

Congrats Jon and Makible!

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  1. slashcrack says:

    Dear Mr. Heitzeberg,
    I am sorry to inform you that the MakiBOX isn’t officially shipping (yet). The information in your article, that the MakiBOX has shipped, is not true. Jon and his team are still in development and are about to ship the first units out in end-October, so that the first ones may arrive in early-November.
    Another thing is the number of supporters / pre-backers. At the time of your article, the new store wasn’t even live. So we can count with a customer number of about 1,500 people – In your article you wrote 5,000 which is far too much. By the time of the posting of this comment, Makible had about 3,000 pre-release buyers.
    The key of your article, namely that there CAN be a 200$ 3D-Printer, is true, but it is necessary to say that the MakiBOX exists in two versions: one for 200$, and one for 300$+ which you didn’t include in your article.
    What I want to say:
    Before posting half-facts (or half-lies), you should do better research. Your article was not very informative.
    With best regards, One out of the Series of Anonymity’s shadow [<Rsc>]