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Why tell us about your launch?

Because Hack Things reaches over 30K people / month (and growing!) in the hardware startup community, including entrepreneurs, engineers, designers and investors.  “Oh yeah, I read about you on Hack Things.”  We consider it a community service to help tell your story.

How to tell us about your launch:

We LOVE to cover innovative new hardware startups. And hardware is hard.  The purpose of Hack Things is to help others learn by sharing your experience. In the process, you’ll also get coverage about your launch.

1)  PLEASE get in touch with us BEFORE you launch.  

We like to write about things on the day they launch, but we need time to write the story.  Once you have an exact date and time set for your launch, that’s when you should let us know about it, i.e. as far ahead of time as possible.  We honor embargoes. Just let us know when you want the story to by published with both DATE and TIME  (in PST)– and we’ll schedule it.

2)  Have something of relevance to our audience, and tell us why it is relevant. 

If your thing doesn’t immediately stand out as something unique, fresh, new and exciting for our audience, then we’re not going to cover it.  So help us out by explaining that to us in the first sentence or two of your email.  We’ll occasionally cover non-electronics hardware, but there should be a really good reason.

3)  Photos, photos, photos

Include at least 4 or 5 blog-sized photos (i.e. 800 px width) that we can attach to the post.  We like product photos AND behind-the-scenes type photos a lot.

4)  Give us the info we need

Imagine you are reading the story you would like to read.  Basically what you send us should basically just be that story. The more you prepare us, the less work it is for us and therefore the more likely it is we’ll cover you.  It’s as simple as that.

NOT MARKETING MATERIAL:  if you feed us press-release style buzzwordy marketing junk, we’ll probably decide it’s just too much work to research what your product actually is and how it actually works and so we’ll likely just delete your stuff.  Also, if you contact us through your PR agency, then, well, we’ll probably not even see your email because it will be in our spam box to begin with.

KEY FACTS:  include your names, bios, the price of the product, tech specs, the URL, how it works, specs, how you came up with the idea, etc. Things people need to know about your product and/or company.

HACKABILITY:  does your product have an API? is it open source?  can people break it apart, wire it to a Raspberry Pi and strap it on a quadcopter?  Please elaborate.

BEHIND-THE-SCENES INFO:  share your story. Hack Things is a community of hardware startupers looking to learn and gain insights by reading the stories of other hardware startups.  Some people are here to buy stuff, but mostly they’re here to learn.

LEARNINGS: Hardware is hard. You’ve faced challenges along the way, you’ve encountered set-backs, you’ve overcome odds, you’ve been told “go away” when attempting to raise money — but you kept going and you are building something INCREDIBLE.  Share your challenges and how you approached solving them.  Share your learnings. Be specific and describe in sufficient detail such that readers stand to learn something they can’t learn anywhere else, and certainly won’t learn by watching your kickstarter pitch.

Thank you.

To contact us, please email editor@hackthings.com


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