KREYOS Meteor – The Voice and Gesture-Controlled Smart Watch


We’ve posted a few times about so-called “smart watches” before (Waiting for the iWatch, How a Hacker is Helping Build Pebble’s Smart Watch Platform and AGENT, the Latest (and Possibly Smartest) Smart Watch) and also about voice-activation tech (see Star Trek Computer with Raspberry Pi and Meet Ivee: the Voice Assistant for the Connected Home) and also about gesture interfaces (see: Tactile music player with gesture control interface and DUO: a DIY 3D Input Controller). Smart Watches are a category worth paying attention since innovations in smart watch technology are currently pushing the limits of what can be done with battery life, sensors and wireless in a small form factor. And interfaces that use voice and gestures are important because with the coming tidal wave of connect devices, there won’t always be room for a screen or physical user interface. Voice and gesture interfaces will be key.

This week, KREYOS

launched on Indiegogo with strong momentum for their voice and gesture-controlled smart watch, the KREYOS Meteor — they launched 35 hours ago and are already 139% funded ($139,985 raised out of their $100,000 goal).

One of the reasons Pebble (and smart watches in general) caught on is because they are less obtrusive than reaching for an iPhone. For applications like cycling, it’s downright dangerous to grab a smart phone in order to check on an alert (and stopping is a pain, right?) This and other scenarios is where voice and gesture activation could work really well – and is the key differentiation of KREYOS Meteor.

KREYOS promises to offer voice control by linking to your connected smartphone’s existing voice interface (e.g. Siri for iPhone). For gestures, they’re presumably using the accelerometer with some smart and customizable software to offer things like skipping songs while jogging or by moving one’s hand. They are promising a 7-day battery life.

Overall, KREYOS looks like an interesting entrant into the somewhat crowded world of smart watches. Check them out on Indiegogo.



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