Lumu shows the disruptive power of dedicated hardware paired with smart phones


Lumu, luanched just hours ago, shows the disruptive power of combining simple hardware components with the connectivity and compute power of smart phones to replace more expensive, bulky single-purpose hardware devices.  In making use of powerful smart phones that most consumers already own, Lumu offers consumers a hardware solution that’s both better and less expensive than traditional dedicated devices.  It’s clearly resonating; in just a few hours, they’ve already exceeded their $20,000 funding target on Kickstarter and have another 25 days to go.

So what is Lumu and how does it compare?  In short, Lumu is a beautifully designed, highly compact light meter that attaches to an iPhone’s headphone jack.  Compared to existing professional light meters, the size and form-factor is a no-brainer: Lumu kills the competition. Why lug around one of these when you can wear Lumu fits in your pocket, or can be attached to a necklace and worn around the neck.

In terms of price performance, Lumu also wins.  In spite of it’s tiny form factor, they claim to use an underlying sensor with a light range that exceeds most professional dedicated light sensors.  And since Lumu is backed by an iOS app, its feature set will be better (and certainly more upgradeable) than most professional light meters.  Lumu is available on Kickstarter for just $99, which includes a leather case, necklace adapter and free shipping worldwide. Compare that to $200 and on up for traditional standalone light meters that are bulkier and have less functionality than Lumu.

Also of note for anyone out there currently fretting over the script for your next Kickstarter project: Lumu’s video has no words at all.

Check out Lumu on Kickstarter.

Here’s what Lumu looks like:lumu2


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