Meet the Most Affordable 3D Printer Yet: The $200 MakiBox

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Update 8/1/2013: The $200 Makibox is now shipping to customers!

Yesterday we dropped in on Elliot and Jon of Makible at their lab in Kwai Hing, Hong Kong, where a team is hard at work making what will likely be the world’s most affordable 3D Printer, the Makibox. It will launch later this year for just $200 (as a kit).

Why does price matter? To get an idea of cost, at the moment Shapeways charges roughly $3 per cubic centimeter when the plastic itself costs less than $0.05. It wouldn’t take much printing before the Makibox pays itself off. However when you factor in shipping and turnaround time, you see the real advantage of having a desktop printer nearby. Not only that, but low cost itself enables new applications and markets such as in education and makes small batch production more affordable (e.g. it’s more practical to run a farm of 3D printers if the fixed costs are low.)

Having just returned from the Inside 3D Printing Conference in New York last week, we we’re impressed with Makibox.  It’s a good-looking machine with good print quality and, silly as it may seem, it’s whirring motors make an almost musical, hypnotic sound.  And again, at just $200 how can you not fall in love with this printer?

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