MOSS: Build Robots with Magnetic Snap-Together Components (Kickstarter)

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MOSS is a robot construction set that launched on Kickstarter today and we’re not the only ones that think it looks fantastic, because only seven hours into their campaign they’re already at 81% funded with $81,114 raised out of a $100K goal.

MOSS is offering a bunch of kits ranging from $59 all the way up to $949 that can be used to create robots using magnetic interlocking components. Like the educational robots Play-i that we covered a couple of week ago, MOSS robots don’t require any programming skills to use.  In that sense, these will be accessible beyond the hacker crowd — and even fun and educational for kids.

This is the team’s first time around the  block. The company behind MOSS, Modular Robotics launched a modular electronics kit called Cublets last year.  MOSS takes the general concept to the next level, adding wheels, bluetooth connectivity, flashing lights and more.  The beauty is that no wiring or soldiering is needed to get working with MOSS.  Magnetic joints snap together to form different shapes, movements and, of course, transfer of data.  Bluetooth lets smartphones get in the action as a remote control or brain for the user’s creations. Awesome.

MOSS looks like a fantastic platform for exploring kinetic, physical robotic experiences that use software brains to do interesting things.  Any parent that wants to expose their kids to technology ought to check out MOSS — and any kid who grew up with the internet will eat these up.  The only downside here is that MOSS makes Lincoln Logs look pointless and sad.

Check out MOSS on Kickstarter.

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