Raspberry Pi: nearly a million units sold (but is your’s idle?)

raspberry pi box

It’s been widely reported that the Raspberry Pi is well on its way to crossing the million unit threshold! In fact, the kind folks at Raspberry Pi have apparently already toasted the occasion.

But how many of these are actually being hacked on? Is your’s idle?

Here’s a list of Raspberry Pi project ideas to get your creative juices going.

Siri + Pi = Awesome Home Automation
It’s possible to open your garage door from your iPhone by talking to Siri. This project has two parts. (1) Use SiriProxy to intercept Siri commands on your home network, which gives you a hook to add commands to iPhone’s Siri language and (2) Raspberry Pi with WiringPi to trigger the garage door. Simple, elegant and powerful. Check out the video. raspberrypi.org

Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi Lessons
If you prefer structured hacking with a focus on learning and building skills, then Adafruit has ten carefully planned lessons posted that will take you through everything from basics like how to set up a new Raspberry Pi all the way up to controlling DC motors and connecting to web services. You’ll be building autonomous robots in no time. via Adafruit

Repurpose Your Roomba
Have a Roomba? Then you have most of the raw muscle of a robot. Strap on a camera and use Raspberry Pi as a brain. via raspberrypi.org

Hack Your DSLR
Another project from Dave Hunt for photography hackers is his Raspberry Pi-enhanced DSLR battery grip for the Canon 5D Mark II. This one is a work in progress, but the idea is to enhance the camera to provide sharing over wifi, triggering from an iPhone, etc. You get the idea. Will somebody please adapt this hack for a Nikon D7000? (and take note: my birthday is in September :) via makezine.com

Create stunning, “focus stacked” macro photos
Dave Hunt figured out a way to accomplish “focus stacking” macro images using a Raspberry Pi and a flatbed scanner. This project has clear step-by-step instructions. You’ll save yourself $600 worth of professional equipment by building your own device. via raspberrypi.org

Voice-Controlled Espresso Machine
Sascha Wolter has figured out how to connect a Raspberry Pi to a coffee machine so folks can order a drink by placing a phone call. Maybe you can take this to the next level by forcing people to take breaks from work by placing their laptops in sleep and having a coffee ready. Or by tying this to calendar appointments and having a coffee ready at the start of any meeting before noon. via wolter.biz

RasPiLapse: DSLR Dolly for Time-Lapse Video Sequences
I’m sure you’ve seen stunning videos on Vimeo that use fancy rigs to combine motion with time-lapse sequences. This project aims to help the DIY crowd save thousands by building a similar setup using a Raspberry Pi as the brain. Check out the example video. Quite promising! via RasPiLapse

What’s on your list of project ideas? Let us know in the comments.

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