Revolve Automated Motion: Motion-Control Dolly (Kickstarter)


You’ve probable seen stunning time-lapse photographic videos on Vimeo before (here’s one, or just search by the “timelapse” tag) and you might have noticed that the very best usually have some motion in addition to the time-lapse.  Since these sequences are recorded over many hours, they require very slow changes to the camera’s position.  At playback time, it looks like a pan or tilt at regular speed, with a super-speed world in the background. The effect is striking.

There are a lot of expensive rigs that can help achieve this effect, but they’re expensive and bulky  We found an interesting Kickstarter that includes a belt-drive and a dolly, plus presumably a simple embedded controller with knobs and switches to set up. Using this set up, it is possible to set up rolling, circular, 360-degree panning and other movements.

It’s only a matter of time before a system like this is available that combines everything you see here with a Raspberry-Pi based Robot controller.   Imagine a motion-control dolly that could autonomously wander around your dinner party snapping photos of everyone, while avoiding to run into anything.

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