Roadie is a clever robot guitar-tuner (Kickstarter)


If you play guitar, Roadie is your new friend that just launched on Kickstarter. It tunes your guitar precisely and quickly to let you focus on actual playing. And by tracking the quality of your guitar strings through time, it warns you when they are about to snap, and recommends changing them when tone quality starts dropping.  It’s like having a Gibson auto-tuning guitar, but with the guitar you already have and without the hefty price tag.

Roadie is the brainchild of Hassane Slaibi and Bassam Jalgha, a couple of hacker musicians and hardware engineers from Lebanon who wanted to conquer their frustration tuning and getting the right sound out of their instruments.  They wound up taking their concept through the Haxlr8r program in Shenzhen (maker heaven) where they sourced parts, produce prototypes, refined their design-for-manufacture, learned how to bargain with factories.  They also started the first Hackerspace in Lebanon — one of the very first in the whole Middle East / North Africa region.

You can think of Roadie as a small personal tuning robot for not just acoustic, electric and classical guitars, but for any instrument with geared machine heads – for example mandolins, ukuleles, banjos and more.


By pairing through bluetooth low energy with your iOS or Android device and using its built-in microphone or audio jack, it can run a pretty sophisticated noise canceling algorithm. It tunes up to three times more accurate than human ears (2 cents). It also lets you explore new alternate tunings and custom tunings of your own.

As you play an instrument, the strings gradually wear out and snap. Roadie helps here too. As the string wears out, Roadie tracks the elasticity by measuring the frequency-to-elongation relation and reports back on string quality to let you when you need to restring.

We all know that without a properly tuned guitar, it’s nearly impossible to sound good. Now we finally have the best tuner that does it for us.

Do you want to learn more? Check out Roadie tuner’s Kickstarter project.

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