Skydog: a Router for Internet of Things Hackers

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Skydog could become the router of choice for the DIY IoT hacker crowd. It’s a Wifi router and companion mobile app that gives more visibility and control over your home network than any other router we’ve seen. They just launched on Kickstarter two days ago and have already raised almost half of their $75,000 goal.

Although they’re targeting the home market with use cases like “receive a text message when your child has a friend over and they connect to the network”, such visibility and flexibility would be ideal for garage hackers, too; You’d like to know when your sensors and telepresence robots connect, disconnect or accidentally go nuts hogging bandwidth on your network.

Sure, if you’re a skilled Unix sysadmin type, then you might not need this, but remember that the beauty of Arduino and Raspberry Pi hacking is that kids, artists and other non-engineers are able to get in on the action — and removing burdens like low level network debugging is significant.

Things it can do:

  • Create a watch list per connected device to monitor traffic and create alerts
  • Help visualize and debug Wifi network connectivity issues (nice to be able to map out Wifi coverage in realtime as your autonomous drone flies out of coverage…)
  • Create and manage multiple zones to keep things secure

Check out the Skydog Kickstarter page to learn more.

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