UDOO Might Eat Raspberry Pi for Lunch

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 2.23.18 PM

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 1.53.24 PMHere’s a no-brainer: the UDOO – a project by Bruno Sinopoli of Carnegie Mellon University.  It combines the best of two prototyping platforms – the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi – into a single unit that’s low-power, low-cost and has a compact form factor.  They’re targeting the DIY crowd and education markets and have focused on ease of use — “UDOO should be for everyone, even for those people without strong skill in coding and electronics.”

They’ve just launched on Kickstarter and have already racked up nearly 50% of their fundraising target – and it’s not surprising.  Besides a smaller form factor and being able to run from a single power supply, combining Arduino and Raspberry Pi has a number of practical advantages.  For one, the Linux side is connected directly to the Arduino side, making it possible to update the Arduino’s code without using a personal computer.  This could enable sensor and Internet of Things project that have over-the-air software updates to all aspects of the software.

The UDOO promises to run either Linux or Android and will work with all the shields, sensors and actuators that are available for Arduino DUE.  It will be available in both a dual and a quad core ARM cortex-A9 CPU model, each with dedicated ARM processors for the GPIO.


  • Arduino DUE compatible (works with all existing shields, IDEs, etc)
  • Switchable between Android 4.0 and Linux
  • Wifi module
  • Full HD video output
  • Touchscreen inputs
  • HDMI
  • Mini USB (and 2 USB type A)
  • Analog audio and mic jacks

Check out their Kickstarter and pledge for a UDOO  – $99. Their video shows some off some imaginative project ideas for this device.

 UPDATE: UDOO just hit their full Kickstarter goal (under 48 hours from launching it)

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  1. HussamMahfouz says:

    Calling the UDOO a RaspberryPi killer is not exactly true especially
    when one looks at the price difference. Having said that, the
    RaspberryPi is in a bit of a different Category. The RaspberryPi is
    probably more comparable to the PCDuino or the Beaglebone.
    The UDOO is more comparable to a combination of the beagleboard XM / Pandaboard ES + Arduino Due or the Wandboard + Arduino Due
    The 1/1.2GHZ IMX.6 dual/quad core proessor with vivante GPU + 1GB of
    RAM provides at least 2X the processing power of the 700MHz ARM11 on
    the raspberry Pi. It really is a different class of CPU.
    Compared to its competition
    Beagleboard XM + Arduino Due = 130+ 50 = 180
    Wandboard Duo + Arduino Due = 100 + 50 = 150
    Pandaboard ES + Arduino Due = 160 + 50 = 210.

    So $109/129 for the UDOO is not a bad ideal, especially that it has
    things like a SATA connector. It would’ve been nice if the board brought
    out some of the IMX6 I/O pins in addition to the Arduino Due IO, but I
    doubt this will happen.


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